Used Car Dealer

At Wanda, we aim to deliver top-notch services by assisting in the entire car buying process for customers keen to own reliable pre-owned cars. We assist customers to apply for car loan and insurance, arrange for inspection and transfer of ownership. Some customers may have JPJ (Road Transport Department)-related issues and car insurance and/or road tax renewal troubles which we have the expertise to resolve to enable them to buy a car.

Wanda’s goal is to be Malaysia’s No. 1 Used Car Dealer. We provide value-added services to our customers to enhance the overall customer experience including car restoration services. We offer professional car restoration services with the utmost level of care and quality, taking care of used cars from inside out. We provide cash advance to qualified clients who are unable to get loan approved, deposit for car purchase or monthly instalment. Our rates are the most competitive in the market.
Wanda understands our customers’ needs. We provide the most professional advice and services.

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